About Holding

The highest priority to each of ITG Holding company is quality of their products and services. Each company of the holding is focused at its specific segment, accumulating an unparalleled expertise and unsurpassed competence in its market and enhancing customer businesses with proven innovative technology. With such a strong positioning, each constituent of the holding can qualify for leadership in its market segment, which is proven by the bottom line.


ITG (INLINE Technologies Group) has officially launched its activities in April 2006.

The IT holding was established to substantiate strong partnership relations existing between such companies as INLINE Technologies, INPAS, Triangle Consulting, Inline Telecom Solutions, R–ID, SmartLabs, DataLine, PST Company and Peak Systems, from their inception. Also, as the companies were implementing more large-scale IT projects, they were facing an increasing challenge to ensure a sound end-to-end expertise in various areas, ranging from technology to project management.

This engendered the need to organize and integrate technology developments, operating techniques, intellectual capital and other intangible assets, to further improve IT project efficiency for the companies.

Today, the ITG Holding has employed 2,653 people.


ITG keeps its strategic focus at:

  • Consulting services
  • Contract and finance management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Software development for projects based on SAP solutions
  • Software development for business intelligence
  • Development of data storage and virtualization systems
  • Information technology integration
  • IT outsourcing and cloud-based services empowered by ITG's data center capacity
  • Solutions for communication operators
  • Bank payment systems
  • Bank card manufacturing
  • Smart card based solutions
  • IPTV solutions
  • Supply chain management

Executive Team

Inline Technologies Group is a management company in charge of operational management of the ITG Holding. They define strategic objectives for the holding and approve key finance and performance indicators to ensure dynamic growth of the holding, coordinating activities of its members under the umbrella projects.

Vladimir Varivoda is the President of the ITG Holding and the Chief Executive Officer of Inline Technologies Group.

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