Bank Card Manufacturing Plant

Alioth is manufacturing company that provides a complete cycle of plastic card manufacturing, from design to card batch issuing. "Alioth" produces chip-based and magnetic stripe bank cards, all kinds of contactless plastic cards, as well as hybrid and dual cards.

The company provides both graphical and electric personalization, sorting, packing, and ensuring safekeeping and delivery of cards. Alioth's plastic cards are used by banks, trade and service companies, transportation companies, clubs, sports organizations, leisure and recreation centers, social welfare agencies, etc.

Bank Card Manufacturing

The company is involved in manufacturing and personalization of all types of magnetic stripe and chip-based VISA International and MasterCard cards, and combined and dual cards, with support for: PayPass, PayWave.

Bank cards are based on chips from: Gemalto (Optelio, Clarista), Safran Morpho (EMV Plus/JMV Pro), NXP (JCOP), and other manufacturers supporting SDA, DDA and CDA, and fully complying with such specifications as: VISA VSDC and MasterCard MChip4, Global Platform.

Bank Card Personalization

The company provides the whole range of graphical and electrical personalization, including enveloping and mailing.

Commonly, the personalization service includes: Graphical personalization: embossing with staining (tipping), indent printing, thermal printing, laser engraving, and electronic personalization: magnetic stripe and chip encoding; sorting, packing, and enveloping with enclosures; delivery (in Moscow and to the Russian regions), direct mail (to future cardholders).