Own Data Center Network

ITG's network of data centers meets requirements of international standards, such as TIA-942 (Tier 3), holds certificates of the Federal Service for Technical and Expert Control (FSTEC), ISO 27001, and PCI DSS. The network infrastructure and power feeds are 2N redundant.

The data centers are connected to the MMTS MMTS-9-10, and points to the traffic exchange MSK-IX, DATA-IX and RETN-IX.

Also, the company provides access to the largest partner telecom providers. It offers customers an Internet capacity of 50 Gbps and 150 Gbps links.

The company operates the following facilities:

  • OST data center located at Borovaya ul., Moscow, Russia, with a design capacity of 583 racks
  • NORD Data Center located at Korovinskoe sh., Moscow, Russia, with a design capacity of 1, 208 racks

In 2013–2014, ITG Holding plans to implement large-scale projects, such as: 

  • September 2013: commissioning of three new rooms for 320 racks in the OST data center
  • Beginning of 2014: launch of the first rooms of NORD 4, one of the largest data centers in Russia, with a design capacity of more than 2, 000 racks